Black Sand,White Sand, Mangrove, Camping, Blue Skies and Green Forest Closed to Beaches on Your Tropical Paradise Island, Stunning View from the Hill, Rinjani Mountain Background.

On the slope of Monjet hill with background of Greening Sadana closed to Rinjani Mountain and with stunning view of oceanic for secret gilis in east Lombok, you’ll find it all on for secret east Lombok. Let us say it is on East Lombok Gili Trawangan. The Gili islands were pretty much undiscovered by tourists. The four  islands are just a 20-minute boat ride from Gili Lampu.

Explore living colorful coral reefs, scale volcanic craters or discover the nemos, doing snorkeling, free diving, surfing, soft hiking, walking around on beaches, and turtles.

The island, with its coral reefs, is a favorite destination for divers, and snorkelers. Condo Hotel Lombok organizes the snorkeling, and diving boat trip to four secret islands. We provide a boat for snorkeling, and there’s plenty of colourful coral and marine life to discover from the beachfront, including turtles, clown fish and many more! You may do kayaking too, surfing For a couple of hours either side of high tide, you can paddle out and enjoy the waves. The island also offers riding and kayaking, and there are spas on hotel, where you can enjoy facials, massage and other beauty treatments. Secret Gilis are just 20 minutes way by boat. – a great destination for a game of golf, exploring the markets or a hike up Mt Rinjani, the island’s active volcano. It’s a two-day excursion to the crater rim (with a local guide), but the stunning views of the Crater Lake are worth every step, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see deer, parrots and macaques. The activities are organized by condo hotelombok.

Condo Hotel Lombok is on Monjet hill closed to 4 secret gilis in the east of Lombok. It is surrounded by gilis: Gili Petagan, Kapal, Bidara, Kondo, Sulat, Petagen, Pink beach with 13 gilis, and closed to Rinjani Trekking Centre of Sembalun, and Sambelia. Below are descriptions of the place.

Gili Petagan or Gili Lampu is also the mangrove island Gili Petagan. Commonly it is the first stop of this island hopping tour. You can enter the island in high tide. The island has already the first snorkeling highlights with many corals and fish. On the north side, the quiet and white sandy beach exists. This island grows some trees and a long bamboo bridge where you may take picture or take shelfie.

Gili Kapal or Gili Gosong

The tiny island Gili Kapal is actually only a big sandbar where you could reach the other end in a few seconds. This island is also called Gili Gosong ‘sandbar’. In  high tide the island is hardly accessible because it’s almost completely under water. The island gets disappeared; it gets the name Gili Kosong. On low tide the island is flat. On this situation, it’s worthy to visit Gili Kapal. You could walk very far in the crystal clear water at the east side and have a view at Sumbawa. The other side is still good for swimming and snorkeling. This island is very impressing; the water is certainly very clean on Lombok and the other Gili islands. On the island and if you’re lucky, you may even have the sandbank island completely for yourself. Namely, when there are no other tourists at the moment. You will have a South Sea or Maldives, a total Robinson Crusoe feeling! Awesome! One disadvantage on the island is that there’s no shadow at all and in the blazing sun. You ought to be careful! You need cover your head and use sun protection.

Gili Bidara

Gili Bidara is significantly larger and has a small jetty, currently broken and isn’t really good for the nice beach atmosphere. Nevertheless, in front of this pier, there is a wonderful snorkeling spot with many corals and fish.

Gili Bidara is uninhabited and very quiet. If you have enough time, you can even take a relaxed walk around the island.

Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo is the most known and popular east Gili island. it’s something like the Gili Trawangan of East Lombok. Especially locals like to come to Gili Kondo since it’s a popular camping island. At the main beach you there are some places to sit so-called Berugak) and also a small shop selling snacks, “Pop Mie” and drinks.



There’s not much tourism in East Lombok. Nevertheless the island and its main beach may get quite full. This is because of the many locals to come here on weekends or holidays. Hence it’s best to come in the week, when there’s not so much going on.

Here you can perfectly snorkel and see many corals. Unfortunately, I already saw the first trampled corals. But most of them are still alive and just beautiful. For the sake of the nature, please be careful when you snorkel here.

Condo Hotel Lombok is on the Monjet hill closed to the sunset, and the tip of Rinjani Mountain.